Lemcoff Group


Prof. N. Gabriel Lemcoff

Photo of Prof N. Gabriel Lemcoff

Ph.D.: Tel-Aviv University, 2002

Full Professor

Email: lemcoff@bgu.ac.il


Staff Scientists

Dr. Alexandra Massarwa

Photo of Alexandra

Lab administrator

Dr.rer.nat, University of Cologne, Germany, 1987

Email: massarwa@bgu.ac.il

Dr. Amos Ben Asuly

Research assistant

Ph.D.: Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 2004

Dr. Revannath Sutar

Photo of Revannath

Ph. D.: NCL, Pune, India. 2013

Current Projects:

  • New methodologies in dynamic covalent chemistry.

Email: sutar@post.bgu.ac.il

Dr. Amar Mohite

Photo of Amar Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Pune, India, 2014

Email: mohite@post.bgu.ac.il

Dr. Ravindra Phatake

Photo of Ravindra Ph.D.: CSIR- NCL, Pune, India. 2017

Email: phatake@post.bgu.ac.il

Dr. Rajnikanth Linganna

Email: rajnikan@post.bgu.ac.il

Graduate Students

Elisa Ivry (Ph.D. Candidate)

Photo of Elisa Ivry

Current Projects:

  • Development of ruthenium based complexes bearing amino acid ligands for asymmetric metathesis.
  • Studying S-chelated ruthenium complexes as potent anti-tumor agents.

Email: ivry@post.bgu.ac.il

Illya Rozenberg (Ph.D. Candidate)

Photo of Illya Rozenberg

Current Projects:

  • Synthesis of organic light emitting complexes.
  • Synthesis of new precatalysts for olefin metathesis reaction

Email: illya@post.bgu.ac.il

Danielle Butilkov (Ph.D. Candidate)

Photo of Danielle

Current Project:

  • Synthesis of dendrimer containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) ligands at the dendritic cores and functional catalytic dendrimers for olefin metathesis reactions.

Email: butilkov@post.bgu.ac.il

Inbal Berkovich (Ph.D. Candidate)

photo of inbal

Current Projects:

  • Organometallic nanoparticles.

Email: inbalber@post.bgu.ac.il

Or Eivgi (Ph.D. Candidate)

Photo of Or Eivgi

Current Projects:

  • New reactions in thiol alkanes
  • Guiding chemistry with light

Email: oreiv@post.bgu.ac.il

Alex Frenklah (Ph.D. Student, joint with Dr. Sebastian Kozuch)

Photo of Alex

Email: frenklah@post.bgu.ac.il

Victoria Kobernik (Ph.D. Student)

Viki photo

Current Projects:

  • Anions exchange in organometallic nanoparticles

Email: kobernik@post.bgu.ac.il

Gal Segalovich (M.Sc. Student)

Photo of Gal-Gal Current Projects:

  • Development of new latent Ru-based precatalysts for photo-activated olefin metathesis

Email: galseg@post.bgu.ac.il

Noy Nechmad (M.Sc. Student)

Photo of Noy

Current Projects:

  • Studying reactivity and selectivity of new pre-catalysts for olefin metathesis

Email: nechmad@post.bgu.ac.il